Assistant Professor of German & Linguistics, Graduate Coordinator
Senior Lecturer in Russian
Lecturer in German, German Language Program Coordinator
Senior Lecturer in German, Director of the Freiburg Study Abroad Program
Senior Lecturer in German, Coordinator of Academic Exchanges and Internships in Germany
Associate Professor of German
Assistant Professor of German
Adjunct Associate Professor, Germanic & Slavic Studies, Associate Professor, Language and Literacy Education
A.G. Steer Professor and Associate Dean, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Adjunct Professor, Germanic & Slavic Studies, Distinguished Research Professor, Dept. of Classics
Professor of Slavic Studies and Linguistics, Head, Linguistics Department
Associate Professor of Linguistics
Instructor of German
Associate Professor of German
Instructor of German
Department Head of Germanic & Slavic Studies, Associate Professor of German
Assistant Professor of Russian, 2016-2018 Lilly Teaching Fellow
Lecturer in Russian, Director - Study Abroad in Russia