Welcome to Germanic and Slavic Studies

Becoming proficient in another language is a relevant skill that opens up job opportunities here and abroad.

Languages add value to your academic accomplishments. You will also cultivate a deeper understanding of other cultures and the nuanced skills for navigating in a global economy.

We offer majors in German and Russian; dual degree programs in German and World Language Education,  and German and Engineering; a German minor and Russian minor; and study abroad, student exchange, and internship opportunities. Check out UGA's Double Dawgs in German: you earn a BA and MA in only five years!

And open to ALL majors is the new Russian Flagship certificate, an amazing opportunity to be part of a cohort that receives hands-on, mentored training in intensive Russian language and culture, including many cultural activities and events. The  program culminates in a capstone year abroad with an internship that aligns with your major. Generous grants and scholarships help make the Russian Flagship accessible. Funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, UGA hosts one of only six Russian Flagship programs in the U.S.