For students interested in teaching at the high-school level, we offer the opportunity to earn a combined A.B. Degree in German and B.S.Ed. in World Language Education. For information on the program of study and specific degree requirements, consult the UGA Bulletin:

A.B. German/B.S.Ed. World Language Education

Checksheet for degree requirements

Students planning to pursue this major should consult with advisors in both programs as soon as possible: Mr. Justin Burnley (World Language Education) and Mr. Jordon Ropson (German). In particular, in order to complete the requirements for the German senior seminar (GRMN 4520) and student teaching within four years, students must take GRMN 4520 (prerequisite: GRMN 3020) no later than the spring of their third year. For students with no prior study of German who are starting at the absolute beginner level, this will require either: (a) taking an accelerated beginning or intermediate German course or: (b) taking a German course over the summer, either at UGA or on a study abroad program.

Note that World Language Education is a high-demand major, which requires a special application.

Application packet for World Language Education