The Cecil Willcox Award is a cash award that recognizes the Outstanding German Student of the year.  This award is presented during the departmental graduation and award ceremony at the end of spring semester each year. The award is funded by a gift from Cecil B. Willcox, in memory of his father, C.P. Willcox, who was a Professor of Modern Languages at UGA from 1871 to 1895.  The original prize, established in 1906 was "fifty dollars in gold".  

Willcox Award Winners

2019 - JongIn (Gemma) Hwang

2018 - Sophie Binney

2017 - Leslie Ware

2016 - Tara Penton

2015 - Megan Alpert

2014 - Christopher Jagels

2013 - Gina Torcivia

2012 - Patrick Najjar

2011 - Cody Nichol

2010 - Emily Caskey

2009 - Kristen Hicks