The Ludwig Uhlig Award recognizes outstanding research in the area of German literary or linguistic studies at the graduate or undergraduate level. This award supports the presentation or further development of a project by providing funds for research materials and/or travel to a professional conference or research archives. At time of submission, the research project may be at either a beginning or advanced stage. Award recipients will be determined on the basis of an annual competition. If no submission is judged to be of sufficient quality and promise, the award will not be given in that year.  Award amount:  $1500.00

Application - Uhlig Award

Previous Award Winners

2017 - Conni Covington

2016 - Robert Klosinski

2014 - McKinley Alden

2013 - Sandra McGury

2012 - Beth Morgan

2011 - Laura Hagele

2010 - Laura Wynn

2009 - Antje Meyke