Students from The University of Hannover and UGA will team up this summer for an online language partnership from May 20th through July 5th.
Students from UGA will partner with peers from the University of Hannover for a casual and fun language tandem exchange that runs for six weeks in early summer and in late fall.


Even though they can't travel to Germany right now, thirteen students from the University of Georgia are having a German experience from home.

Thanks to the Tandem German Exchange program that pairs students from UGA and Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, student partners meet weekly to help each other with German and English, respectively, using video conferencing.

Since a student can be anywhere to participate, it's a perfect way to sharpen  German proficiency and practice with an international peer in a real-life context.

Dr. Vera Lee-Schoenfeld is the program’s coordinator for UGA. She organizes the six-week virtual exchanges twice a year. If you email her, she will put you on a list of applicants to be paired with a German student.