Undergraduate Opportunities in German and Slavic Studies

Becoming a proficient speaker of another language can benefit you in many ways: it gives you a deeper understanding of other cultures, improves intellectual focus and academic performance in general, and opens up exciting and rewarding employment opportunities.

The Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies affords you the opportunity to work closely with dedicated faculty mentors. We offer majors in German and Russian; dual degree programs in German and World Language Education and German and Engineering; a German minor and Russian minor; and study abroad and internship opportunities.

Graduate Opportunities in German 

The German Program in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies offers a highly respected Master's degree with concentration in either literature or linguistics. In addition to comprehensive training in the discipline, the department also provides candidates the opportunity to develop elementary and intermediate language teaching skills.

German courses are taught by a faculty of ten, whose diverse specializations enable the department to offer a wide variety of courses in German literature, culture, film, and linguistics. The low student-to-teacher ratio in graduate courses in this department allows both personal contact and close intellectual relationships between faculty and students.