Vera Lee-Schoenfeld Selected Papers

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“The syntax of external and internal possessor variation in German inalienable possession”. In G. Diewald (ed.), Non-Central Usages of Datives (guest-edited volume in Language Typology and Universals). De Gruyter (submitted, to appear in 2015). 


“The pragmatics and syntax of German inalienable possession constructions (with Gabriele Diewald). In H. Leung et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (2014): 286-310. 


“Case and affectedness in German inalienable possession constructions.” Linguistische Berichte 232 (2012): 399-416. 


“Sandhi sans derivation: Third tone patterns in Mandarin Chinese” (with Jason Kandybowicz). University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 15.1 (2009). 


“Binding, phases, and locality.” Syntax 11:3 (2008): 281-298. 


“Agentivity vs. auxiliary choice: Evidence from pronominal binding in German AcI-constructions.” In R. Aranovich (ed.), Split Auxiliary Systems: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective (2007): 121-141. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 


“German possessor datives: Raised and affected.” Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 9.2 (2006): 101-142. 


“Binding by phase: (Non-)complementarity in German.” Journal of Germanic Linguistics 16.2 (2004): 111-171. 


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