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Max Reinhart is A. G. Steer Professor in Goethe Studies in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Georgia. His primary areas of research are Early Modern Germany (ca. 1350-1700) and Late Goethe (1809-32), with secondary interests in Late Antiquity and Early Christianity as well as music history, particularly the vocal music of J. S. Bach and 19th-century German song. Reinhart is the founder and was first president of Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär (FNI), an international, interdisciplinary society for Early Modern German Studies that holds triennial conferences at Duke University, and is former president of the Society for German Renaissance and Baroque Literature (SGRABL), a sub-section of the Modern Language Association (MLA). Reinhart has written on many German and Neo-Latin authors and themes in the period between Early Humanism and Classicism. His publications include editorship of German Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation, 1280-1580 (1997), Infinite Boundaries: Order, Disorder and Reorder in Early Modern German Culture (1998), and Imperiled Heritage: Tradition, History, and Utopia in Early Modern German Literature: Selected Essays by Klaus Garber (2000). With the Indo-European linguist Jared S. Klein he is co-translator and editor of Shalom Ben-Chorin's classic Brother Jesus: The Nazarene through Jewish Eyes (University of Georgia Press, 2001; paperback 2012).


  • GRMN 3220 The Age of Reformation
  • GRMN 3810 Literature in Music, Music in Literature
    1. Nineteenth-Century German Song
    2. The Musico-Literary Language of J.S. Bach
  • GRMN 4100 Goethe and Islam
    1. Goethe and Islam
    2. Goethe and Iqbal
  • GRMN 6200 Early Modern German Literature, 1400-1700

Recent Publications:

  • "The Poetry of Islam in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Empathy — Imagination — Understanding." Youngstown Papers in Islamic Religion, History, and Culture 5 (2012): 1-33.
  • Editor: Early Modern German Literature . Vol. 4 of Camden House History of German Literature. 10 vols. Rochester and London: Boydell & Brewer, 2007.
  • Forthcoming: The Emblematic Pamphlets of Georg Philipp Harsdörffer: Peristromata Turcica (1641) and Aulaea Romana (1642). Edited, translated, and with an Introduction by Max Reinhart. Two editions to be published in sequential years by Emblematica.

Current Projects:

A monograph on Iqbal and Goethe and editorship of the English-language translation (by Michael Metzger) of Katharina Mommsen's Goethe und die arabische Welt.


Max Reinhart
A. G. Steer Professor in Goethe Studies
(Ph.D., Ohio State University)
Office: 207 Joseph E. Brown Hall
Photo © 2007 Danielle Hutlas
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